Project 201 launched: PTM SG - Editorial revision of CRM 53 (Determination of Paper Wrapper Burn Speed)


Project 200 launched: COR - Sustainability Goals and Scientific Methodologies for Impact Assessment


Upcoming Meetings

8 March 2019

SG IVT - In Vitro Toxicity Testing

Baltimore, MD, U.S.A.

3 April 2019

SG PTM - Physical Test Methods

Orléans, France

8 April 2019

SG EVAP - E-Vapour

Richmond, VA, USA

9 April 2019

SG SMA - Smoke Analytes

Richmond, VA, USA

10 April 2019

SG TTPA - Tobacco and Tobacco Products Analytes (formerly STS)

Richmond, VA, USA


Di@gnoplant by INRA

Di@gnoplant Tobacco App

Available for smartphones and tablets

> know pests and diseases of tobacco
> identify diseases with help of image identification module
> access info on disease symptoms and protection methods
Free download for iOS / Android