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1st Collaborative Study on Air Permeability in Accordance with ISO 2965:2019

PTM Technical Report

November 2019 Ref. PTM-217-CTR

The Physical Test Methods (PTM) Sub-Group decided to carry out a first collaborative study related to air permeability, which is an important parameter of wrapping papers for tobacco products. The method for measuring air permeability is specified in ISO 2965.  The revised version of ISO 2965, published in 2019, allows the use of the 2×15 mm² measuring head for air permeability measurement on cigarette paper, whenever the available area on the paper sample is too small for the 10×20 mm² measuring head. This may be the case for measurements on paper samples taken from cigarettes.

At this time no repeatability and reproducibility data for the 2×15 mm² measuring head used on conventional cigarette paper are available, and thus this collaborative study serves to provide that data. It further serves to compare permeability values obtained with the two different measuring heads.

Furthermore this study allows the participating laboratories to monitor their performance in comparison to other laboratories, to derive actions for improvement of their internal processes and to fulfil accreditation requirements.


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