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2012 Collaborative Study on B[a]P, VOCs, and Carbonyls in Mainstream Cigarette Smoke

SMA Technical Report

August 2019 Ref. SMA-228-1-CTR

In 2011, the CORESTA Special Analytes Sub-Group (now named Smoke Analytes Sub-Group or SMA) initiated an interlaboratory collaborative study for the determination of Benzo[a]pyrene, selected volatile organic compounds, and selected carbonyl compounds in mainstream cigarette smoke generated under ISO and Intense (i.e. Health Canada Intense) smoking conditions.  The intent of this study was to update the respective CORESTA Recommended Methods (CRMs 58, 70 and 74) to include repeatability and reproducibility (r&R) values for these analytes generated under Intense smoking conditions.

The results of the study demonstrated that the CRMs, with modifications, for the determination of B[a]P, VOCs, and carbonyls were fit for use under ISO and Intense smoking conditions.


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