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2013 Collaborative Study for Selected Phenolic Compounds in Mainstream Cigarette Smoke

SMA Technical Document

April 2020 Ref. SMA-162-1-CTR

In 2013, a collaborative study (CS) was conducted to establish a robust method for the determination of select phenolic compounds in mainstream cigarette smoke by RP-HPLC-FLD. 

The study included laboratories testing cigarette samples across a range of typical blend platforms and a range of total particular matter (TPM) values using two types of smoking machine designs.  The analytes tested included hydroquinone, resorcinol, catechol, phenol, o-cresol, m-cresol, and p-cresol.

Repeatability and reproducibility values, calculated from combined smoking machine data, were determined to be acceptable and the CORESTA Recommended Method (CRM) No. 78 was published in July 2014.  An updated version was published in December 2018.

This technical report serves to provide details in support of the CS and CRM.


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