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2016 Collaborative Study on Aromatic Amines in Mainstream Cigarette Smoke

SMA Technical Report

March 2019 Ref. SMA-048-2-CTR

From 2014 to 2017, the CORESTA Special Analytes Sub-Group (SPA) (now named Smoke Analytes Sub-Group, SMA) evaluated through a series of joint experiments and a Collaborative Study an analytical method for measurement of aromatic amines.

This report covers the Collaborative Study undertaken to evaluate the GC/MS(NCI) method for the determination of aromatic amines in ISO and HCI mainstream smoke of a range of products using HFBA as the derivatisation agent and Florisil SPE as a sample clean-up.

The generated data and corresponding statistical analysis indicated that the analytical method currently does not support development of a CORESTA Recommended Method (CRM).  However, several aspects of the methodology were identified as key for further investigation, especially optimisation of SPE clean-up and derivatisation, and an amended method will be tested on reference products.


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