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2016 Joint Experiment on Aromatic Amines in Mainstream Cigarette Smoke by LC-MS/MS

SMA Technical Report

November 2019 Ref. SMA-048-3-CTR

From 2014 to 2017, the CORESTA Special Analytes Sub-Group (SPA) (now named Smoke Analytes Sub-Group, SMA) evaluated through a series of joint experiments and a Collaborative Study an analytical method for measurement of aromatic amines.

This report covers the Joint Experiment (JE) conducted in 2016 with LC-MS/MS focused on evaluation of the SPE clean-up procedure. Its aim was the comparison of two SPE approaches using either a single cartridge (MCX) or two cartridges (dual SPE). Kentucky reference cigarettes 3R4F smoked under both ISO and intense smoking regimes were selected as a testing matrix.

For the ISO smoking regime, the relative differences between results obtained from both SPE clean-ups were in the range from 1 % to 13 % for five cigarettes smoked and from 3 % to 40 % for two cigarettes smoked. The biggest variation of aromatic amines yields was observed when two cigarettes were smoked under ISO smoking regime, simulating low tar yield product, thus representing the lowest yields of the mainstream smoke. For the intense smoking regime, the difference of results between both SPE clean-up methods varied between 2 % to 22 %.

A larger study employing more laboratories would be required to further investigate both methods and to confirm the findings.


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