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2017 Collaborative Study on Ammonia and Benzo[a]pyrene in Tobacco Products

TTPA Technical Document

March 2018 Ref. TTPA-150-1-CTR

In May 2017 the CORESTA Tobacco and Tobacco Products Analytes Sub-Group (TTPA SG) initiated a collaborative study for the determination of ammonia and benzo[a]pyrene in smokeless tobacco, cigarette filler, and ground cigars (wrapper, binder, and filler). The intent of this study was to support laboratory accreditation and to expand the scopes of CORESTA Recommended Methods (CRMs) No. 79 and No. 82 to include ground cigars.

The results of this study demonstrated that the methods are also fit for purpose for the analysis of cigar filler. The TTPA recommended that the scope of the CRMs include the additional matrices not included in the previous studies and that the applicable r&R data for these new matrices be added to the CRMs.  CRMs Nos. 79 and 82 were subsequently updated.


CORESTA Smokeless Tobacco Reference Products


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