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2017 Collaborative Study on Carbonyl Containing Compounds in Electronic Cigarette Liquids

EVAP Technical Report

May 2018 Ref. EVAP-127-1-CTR

The CORESTA E-Vapour Sub-Group (EVAP) investigated the development of an analytical method suitable for the analysis of carbonyl containing compounds in electronic cigarette liquids (e-liquids) and aerosols.  A collaborative study was undertaken to evaluate repeatability and reproducibility (r&R) values of the proposed methodology based on high-performance liquid chromatography with ultra-violet detection (HPLC-UV) and 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH) derivatization.

It was decided that the results do not support the creation of a CORESTA Recommended Method (CRM) at this time due to the poor r&R values which were attributed to issues with sample integrity.

This Technical Report details the results and findings of the collaborative study.


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