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2018 Moisture (Oven Volatiles), Water by Karl Fischer and Gas Chromatography Interlaboratory Study

TTPA Technical Document

August 2018 Ref. TTPA-171-1-CTR

In October 2017 the CORESTA Tobacco and Tobacco Products Analytes Sub-Group (TTPA) initiated an interlaboratory study for the determination of water by Karl Fischer method (KF), water by gas chromatography (GC), and moisture content (also referred to as oven volatiles or OV) in smokeless tobacco products, cigarette filler, and cigar filler. The purpose of this study was to support laboratory accreditations and to make a formal comparison of water and moisture results for a variety of tobacco products.

The results of this study demonstrated that the CRMs 56 and 57 were also fit for the analysis of cigar filler. The TTPA Sub-Group recommended that the scope of the CRMs be updated to include the r & R data from this study. The TTPA Sub-Group also recommended to propose to ISO/TC 126 that the ISO standards be updated during the next systematic review cycle.


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