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2020 Collaborative Study for the Determination of Menthol in Cigarette Smoke Condensates

RAC Technical Report

July 2020 Ref. RAC-237-1-CTR

The Routine Analytical Chemistry (RAC) Sub-Group initiated a collaborative study for the determination of menthol in mainstream cigarette smoke condensates generated under ISO 3308 (non-intense) and ISO 20778 (intense) smoking conditions. Menthol was determined following ISO 13110:2012 “Cigarettes - Determination of menthol in smoke condensates - Gas-chromatographic method”.  ISO 13110 was developed for smoke condensates generated under non-intense conditions and has not been formally evaluated in an interlaboratory study for smoke condensates generated under intense conditions. The results of the study demonstrate that ISO 13110 is suitable for the analysis of menthol in smoke condensates generated under both non-intense and intense conditions.


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