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3-HPMA Interlaboratory Comparison Study 2012

BMK Technical Report

July 2016 Ref. BMK-093-1-CTR

Biomarkers are used in clinical studies to assess smoke constituent exposure in smokers and non-smokers and have recently been used in the evaluation of novel tobacco products. Due to the increasing interest in research on biomarkers of exposure, the CORESTA Biomarkers Sub-Group has undertaken interlaboratory comparison studies to investigate the robustness of current analytical techniques for the quantification of biomarkers. Having robust methods gives confidence in data obtained within studies, and also allows better comparison of different studies, especially those studies where different laboratories have carried out such analysis.

The first interlaboratory comparison study was carried out on the urinary acrolein metabolite 3-HPMA (3-hyroxypropyl-mercapturic acid) due to its potential importance as a biomarker of exposure to acrolein in a tobacco context. The methods, findings and conclusions of the study are detailed in this report.


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