Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Vienna, 1984, p. 79, ST22, ISSN.0525-6240

Adaptation of cigarette machines to meet special requests of users

SASIB, Bologna, Italy
The production of cigarettes, according to different markets, is composed by few brands with large production volumes and many different brands with reduced production volumes. The first brand accepts specialized machines while the second ones ask for flexible machines. The market of machines and the efforts of the machine producers is going toward flexible machines since flexibility allows good and fast customization also with large volume brands. Flexibility refers both to dimensions of cigarettes and to the quality of materials. The machine producers try to archieve flexibility in different ways. Sasib is working on a line of his own new generation machines. Their designs include from the beginning computer control of motion, measurement and process. For instance in Alfa Packer the feeding of all materials is obtained by small independent motors syncronized and driven by a computer, allowing easy tuning on different brands and different policies of waste reductio n. The new maker has prevision of a computer control of independent motors in the hopper in order to allow a feed back control of motion with different sensors easily settable for different kinds of tobacco. Last example : The ventilation monitor in which high precision measurement is achieved with no calibration needing, allowing the recording of the operation data of up to ten different brands. Pleasant by-product of the large use of built-in computers is the easy operation and very fast trouble shooting.