Tobacco Science & Technology, 2012, 1, p. 78-80., ISSN.1002-0861

Analysis and evaluation of starch content in Sichuan tobacco leaves

TAO Xiaoqiu; HUANG Mei; YANG Xue; SHAO Jimin
Sichuan Tobacco Quality Supervision and Testing Station, Chengdu 610031, P.R. China

The starch contents in tobacco leaves from different stalk positions of various clutivars grown in different areas in Sichuan were determined. The results indicated that the average starch content in Sichuan flue-cured tobacco leaves was 4.3%, however, near one-third of the samples possessed a higher starch content of more than 5%. The starch contents in leaves of various cultivars from different stalk positions and areas in the same growing year were obviously different. The starch contents in middle leaves, in leaves from Panzhihua areas, and in Yunyan 97 flue-cured tobacco leaves were higher than those in leaves from other stalk positions, leaves from other areas in Sichuan, and leaves of other cultivars, respectively.