Beitr. Tabakforsch. Int./Contrib. Tob. Research, 2004, 21-1, p. 1-8., ISSN.0173-783X

Application of nanoparticle iron oxide in cigarette for simultaneous CO and NO removal in the mainstream smoke

Philip Morris USA, Research Center, Richmond, VA, USA
Based on the unique temperature and oxygen profiles in a burning cigarette, a novel approach is proposed in this paper to use a single oxidant/catalyst in the cigarette filler for simultaneous removal of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitric oxide (NO) in mainstream smoke. A nanoparticle iron oxide is identified as a very active material for this application due to its multiple functions as a CO catalyst, as a CO oxidant, and in its reduced forms as a NO catalyst. The multiple functions of the nanoparticle iron oxide are characterized in a flow tube reactor and the working mechanisms of these multiple functions for CO and NO removal in a burning cigarette are explained. The effect of smoke condensate on the catalyst are examined and discussed. The advantage of in situ generation of the catalyst during the cigarette burning process is illustrated. The test results of nanoparticle iron oxide for CO and NO removal in cigarettes are presented.