CROM Symposium, Online, 2023, CROM 03

Assessment of the exposure to selected smoke constituents in adult smokers using in-market heated tobacco products: a randomized, controlled study

Japan Tobacco Inc., Tokyo, Japan

The objectives of this clinical study were to demonstrate a reduction in exposure to selected harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) in Japanese healthy adult smokers who switched to four in-market heated tobacco products. Eighty-nine smokers were randomly assigned for five days to one of six study groups: four groups who switched to one of the commercially available heated tobacco products; a group who continued to smoke their own brand of combustible cigarettes; or a group who stopped smoking. Fifteen biomarkers of exposure to 14 HPHCs and pyrene were measured at baseline, Day 3 and Day 5 in 24h urine and breath, under clinical confinement. Product consumption, nicotine uptake and subjective effects were also measured before and after product switching. In this presentation, for heated tobacco products, I will explain the reduced exposure potential from the present study and will summarize the current thinking on the abuse liability by assessing the subjective effects measures before and after product switching and referring to related available information.

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