Bull. Spec. CORESTA Symposium, Winston-Salem, 1982, p. 17, S07, ISSN.0525-6240

Automated measurement of smoke condensates

Eastman Chemicals Division, Eastman Kodak Company, Research Laboratories, Kingsport, TN, USA
Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) has been applied to the spectrophotometric measurement of total smoke condensates. The FIA apparatus consists of a liquid chromatographic pump, automatic sample injector, and ultraviolet/visible detector. Smoke condensates extracted from cigarette filters or from Cambridge pads are injected into a nonsegmented solvent stream at a rate of one per minute. An electronic integrator reports the sample absorbance either as a peak height or as an integrated peak area. The analytical wavelength is selected to minimize interferences yet permit a good signal for the smoke condensate. The method can be used to estimate smoke condensate delivered or filtration efficiency. The smoke condensate measurement can be related to FTC tar delivery by calibration. Agreement between filtration efficiencies measured by the conventional spectrophotometric method and those measured by FIA spectrophotometry are excellent, and the ability of the FIA method to distinguish efficiency differences is superior. The observed filtration efficiency is nearly independent of the wavelength at which the measurement is made over a wide range. Advantages of the method are simplicity of sample preparation and high sample throughput. The measurement can also be extended reliably to low deliveries. The prospects for applying this method in a quality control environment seem good.