Beitr. Tabakforsch. Int., 1988, 14-2, p. 105-18., ISSN.0173-783X

Automated studies on tobacco using flow injection analysis (FIA)

British American Tobacco, Hamburg, Germany.
Watery tobacco extracts were examined with the aid of flow-injection analysis (FIA) for the substances nicotine, nitrate, chloride, ammonium and phosphate. The results proved to be mostly exact and reproducible and the speed of analysis was between 37 and 113 measurements per hour. Because of its simple modular design the appliance is flexible in its application and is above all suited for the analysis of several components in small series of samples. A special FIA technique (stopped-flow method) enables the undersurface absorption stemming from the sample matrix to be excluded. The solutions used must exhibit uniform fluid composition and the formation of gas bubbles in the analysis system must be excluded.