Bull. ARN, 1989, p. 34-41., ISSN.1146-6200

Changes in puff parameters and smoke constituant uptake (COHb, urinary cotinine) in smokers after switching from medium to low tar cigarettes

CERTSM-DCAN, Toulon-Naval, France
Two groups of six blend full flavor cigarette smokers smoked alternately for one week period two kinds of cigarettes specially designed for the study and which differed with respect to their filter ventilation : in one hand, an unventilated one (full flavor cigarette) with tar and nicotine yields of 13,80 and 0,91 mg/cig. respectively, and in other hand, a light 46,6% ventilated one with yields of 7,63 and 0,60 mg/cig. At the end of each period, the smoking pattern (puff parameters), HbCO and plasma cotinine levels were studied. With ventilated cigarettes, HbCO and cotinine significantly decreased (20 and 26,5% respectively) in spite of marked increase of total smoke deliver to the mouth (+ 53,8%) mainly induced by an increase of puff volume (+ 31,5%); in fact, real smoke volume (total smoke minus dilution) decrease by 15,5% compared to full flavor results. Finally, the use of ventilated cigarettes is benefit for smokers who abandon their full flavor cigarettes beca use the well-known compensatory reaction is not total.