TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2018, 72, abstr. 044

Comparative measurements of puff aerosol size and concentration of combustion, heated tobacco, and liquid e-cigarettes by light scattering method

(1) Envirometrix Instruments LLC, Berkeley, CA, USA; (2) Envirometrix Instruments LLC, Sint Maartensbrug, Netherlands

In a previous presentation at the 2015 TSRC, the development and application of a new light scattering instrument based on Mie theory (Orion-A) was presented (ref 1). Further developments and improvements have been implemented on the Orion instrument, including automatic puff flow measurements based on measured pressure drop, display of complete size distribution, and size uncertainty estimation (typically 3-4%) based on three independent scattering ratio measurements. The real-time puff flow and uncertainty measurements provide improved accuracy of both size and puff mass (+/- 10%), confirmed by measurements of polystyrene latex spheres with known sizes, and by capsule mass loss measurements for liquid e-cigarettes. The poster focuses on latest results of a comparative set of measurements for a variety of nicotine delivery systems, including combustion and heated tobacco, and liquid e-cigarettes. Results show a typical mass mean aerodynamic particle sizes are in the range of 300nm for liquid e-cigarettes (LEC’s), and 250nm for heated and combustion cigarettes. Puff mass measurements are generally uniform in mass delivery for LEC’s over a series of puffs, while combustion and heated cigarette concentrations generally increase with puff sequence. Most LEC’s show a slowly rising concentration as the heating coil is activated, although one device shows a markedly different peak concentration at the beginning of the puff. The differing size and concentration profiles indicate varying coil temperature/time profiles that can have a strong effect on the user experience and concentrations of chemical species. 1. INVESTIGATE PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTIONS OF ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE AEROSOLS USING A MULTI-ANGLE LIGHT SCATTERING INSTRUMENT. Chen Song1, Don Holve2; and Steve L. Alderman1; 1R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston Salem, NC USA, 2EnviroMetrix Instruments LLC, Berkeley, CA USA. 69th TOBACCO SCIENCE RESEARCH CONFERENCE September 20-23, 2015 Naples, Florida USA