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Tobacco Science & Technology, 2010, 8, p. 65-68., ISSN.1002-0861

Comparison experiment on cigar wrapper tobaccos

1. Henan Agricultural University, Zhengzhou 450002, P.R. China; 2. Tongxiang Tobacco Company of Zhejiang Province, Tongxiang 314500, Zhejiang, P.R. China

In order to find a solution to the shortage of cigar wrapper tobacco and select quality cigar tobacco cultivars adaptive for growing in Tongxiang, the field comparison experiments between ND1, ND2, ND3, ND4, ND5, American, Cuban and Indonesian cultivars were conducted. The results showed that: 1) viewing from agronomic characters, ND1, ND2 and Indonesian cultivars were earlier than the others in growth period; the plant height of Indonesian cultivar was the tallest, while ND4 had the lowest plant height, but the biggest stem circumference; ND2, ND5 and American cultivars were outstanding in leaf width; however, there was no significant difference in leaf number between cultivars. 2) from the angles of physicochemical properties and panel test results, ND2, ND5 and Indonesian cultivars were good in physical character, and superior in chemistry and smoking quality. Comparatively, ND2, ND5 and Indonesian cultivars are suitable for Tongxiang tobacco growing area.