CORESTA Congress, Kunming, 2018, Smoke Science/Product Technology Groups, ST 54

A cross-sectional survey to assess tobacco and nicotine product use behaviour in Japan

British American Tobacco (Investments) Limited, R&D, Southampton, U.K.

The rapid emergence of next generation products (NGPs), with their potential to reduce exposure to harmful substances, has substantially changed the tobacco and nicotine landscape in recent years. The impact of introducing NGPs on individuals and the population as a whole can change over time due to a variety of factors, including changes in tobacco use behaviour, consumer perceptions, and changes in the tobacco product marketplace. Population studies that generate data to demonstrate the public health benefits of introducing these NGPs are required, taking into account both users and non-users of tobacco products.

This cross-sectional survey aims to examine the current tobacco use behaviour in Japan with special focus on tobacco heating products (THPs). Product misuse, risk perception and health-related Quality of Life (QoL) will be evaluated under real-world conditions.

A face-to-face administered paper-based questionnaire is used for data collection. In order to create an environment which allows respondents to document real tobacco product use behaviour, the questionnaire will be self-administered. For the selection of 4,000 participants in our first wave study, a geographically stratified three-stage probability sampling will be applied. The sampling universe comprises all persons aged 20 years and older living in private households in three selected cities.

The survey comprises four main sections: sociodemographic information; lifetime tobacco use behaviour by product type; risk perception; and health-related QoL. Prevalence data generated from the survey will describe the use behaviour of never, current, and former users of tobacco products with an emphasis on THP users. In the absence of epidemiology, analytical modelling of survey data can be used to predict the population health impact of introducing a THP into the market place.