Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Harare 1994, p. 191, S 16

A customized smoking machine hood with automatic air flow control designed to meet the requirements of ISO 3308 and 4387

Philip Morris Products, Inc., Richmond, VA, USA
There are two main objectives of this project : 1) Modify a traditional 20-port Philip Morris/Phipps & Bird smoking machine to meet the requirements of ISO 3308:1991 and 4387:1991 cigarette smoking procedures. 2) Design a smoking machine hood with automated air flow control that stabilizes the air flow across the cigarette level and eliminates manual air flow adjustments. We designed and built a new customized smoking machine hood for the 20-port Philip Morris/Phipps & Bird smoking machine that incorporates automatic air flow controllers to maintain uniformity of air flow across the smoking machine. The machine was also modified to use the standard CORESTA cigarette filter holder. This paper will describe the components of the modified Phipps & Bird smoking machine. The air flow performance will be evaluated by comparing the Filtrona SM 400, the traditional Phipps & Bird smoking machine, and the modified Phipps & Bird smoking machine against the ISO 3308:1991 procedural air flow targets. An industry monitor cigarette (IM #14) comparison will be used to reference the modified Phipps & Bird machine to the calibration values established by ISO 4387:1991 international collaborative study. A comparison will also be made of cigarettes in a range of 1 mg to 12 mg (nicotine-free dry particulate matter -"tar") values to reference the modified machine to ISO 4387:1991 results.