Tob. Reporter, 1994, 121-9, p. 84-7. Tob. Sci, 1994, 38, p. 68-71., ISSN.0361-5693

The determination of scopoletin in mainstream tobacco smoke

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Bowman Gray Technical Center, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

A method was developed that determines the scopoletin content of mainstream cigarette smoke. A Cambridge pad containing the wet total particulate matter (WTPM) of five cigarettes was extracted with 1% acetic acid (HAc), and the extract was subjected to reverse-phase, gradient liquid chromatography using a mobile phase of 1% HAc and acetonitrile (ACN) + 1% glacial HAc. Scopoletin was detected by fluorescence at its characteristic wavelengths of excitation and emission, 342 nm and 464 nm, respectively. The procedure was reproducible with a relative standard deviation of 8.2%. Percent recovery averaged 102% with a detection limit of 1.6 µg. Analyses of several cigarette types indicate that scopoletin varies with the WTPM of mainstream smoke. Scopoletin content was linearly correlated with WTPM (square R = 0.87).