CORESTA Meeting, Agronomy/Phytopathology, 2023, Cancun, APPOST 21

“Di@gnoPlant Tabaco” for Brazilian tobacco stakeholders

CORESTA, Paris, France

In 2013 INRA published Di@gnoPlant® Tobacco translated from French into English by CORESTA thus allowing access to this tool by English speaking farmers and technicians. With the ability to identify tobacco diseases, the use of crop protection agents could be reduced. The early and reliable identification of diseases and the detection of emergent pests have proven to be crucial for effective plant protection. An early diagnosis enables implementation of the most appropriate protection method(s). What disease causes the symptoms? And what control methods can be used?

This identification tool was found to be useful by tobacco farmers and technicians, but the problem was its existence in only French and English. During the AP2017 Conference in Santa Cruz do Sul it emerged that the Brazilian farmers did not always use this tool and therefore CORESTA decided to translate the website and the application into Portuguese. A successful cooperation project with the help of native Brazilian Portuguese speakers was undertaken. Brazilian farmers can now gain immediate access via smartphone or tablet to research knowledge and expertise in plant protection with the Portuguese version of Di@gnoPlant® Tabaco. The user is able to identify diseases by means of an image database. Fact sheets detail the symptoms and biology of the incriminated pest or disease and the optimised protection methods adapted to the context.

The application will be demonstrated during the poster session.