CORESTA Meeting, Smoke Science/Product Technology, 2015, Jeju, ST 35

Direct extraction of Cambridge filter pad holders

Borgwaldt KC GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Quantification of cigarette smoke constituents, using a smoking machine designed in accordance to ISO 3308 is the basis for research and development within the tobacco industry.

The loss by the incomplete removal of total particulate matter (TPM) and therewith the precipitated smoke constituents from a classical Cambridge filter pad (CFP), using a conventional filter holder is often discussed. To minimise these loss of analyte quantities and the impact of ageing processes and contamination possibilities of the collected TPM, a new filter pad holder has been developed, as an integral unit. It allows the complete flushing and direct extraction without opening the holder and separate handling of the filter pad. Earlier published studies have already shown that direct extraction techniques do have an impact on the deliveries and repeatability rates of smoke constituents. The new application simply has the advantage that the filter pad holder can be used directly for mechanical extraction and rinsed out without any further instrumentation.

Correspondingly, first results showing differences in nicotine and water deliveries will be presented. Especially for the determination of higher molecular and unstable substances it could be of further interest to operate with an enclosed system.

Last but not least, the system as it is designed gives advantages related to occupational health and safety requirements as the operator does not handle open solvents anymore.

Besides the technical description, the paper will share some first analytical data showing different amounts in nicotine and water deliveries and give an outlook into further automated handling.