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TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2023, 76, abstr. 53 (also presented at CORESTA SSPT2023)

Effect and influence of perforation methods for tipping paper on the control of the thermal energy of smoke from tobacco products

(1) Tann Holding, Traun, Austria; (2) C.I.T. Montepaz, Montevideo, Uruguay

Perforation of tipping paper is mainly relevant for adjusting the ventilation level of a combustible filter cigarette to achieve specific smoke deliveries. Moreover, the dynamic smoke flow underneath the tipping paper and inside the filter plug undergoes essential interaction with the stream of ambient air penetrating through the perforation area of the paper thus generating significant impact of diluted cigarette smoke on the human sense of taste. With the successful market launch of next generation products, which include all kinds of e-vapor items as well as heated tobacco products (HTPs), particular physical properties of smoke moved closer into the focus of scientific research activities. Hereby, the temperature of the aerosol generated by HTPs represents a typical example of a parameter which requires special attention in terms of its control and optimization. The purpose of the present study is to determine experimentally the temperature of the mainstream smoke of combustible filter cigarettes made with tipping paper comprising different perforation methods (electrostatic, laser and plasma perforation) and selected permeability levels. Physical and geometrical aspects of these individual perforation types serve as basis for a numerically derived dynamic smoke flow simulation model which is applied to evaluate and confirm the correlation between the measured mainstream smoke temperature and the smoke flow characteristics. With the gained results, possible options will be outlined for projecting the conclusions onto HTPs in order to lower the thermal energy of the created aerosol through the effect of filter ventilation.