Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Harare 1994, p. 74, APOST 15

The effect of band fertilizing with particular nutrients (N, P and K) on yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco

University of Agriculture, Lublin, Poland.
The effects of band and broadcast fertilizing with three doses of particular nutrients: N-15, 30, 45 kg per hectare, P2O5-60, 90, 120 kg/ha, K2O-100, 150, 200 kg/ha (the two other nutrients being at average level) were compared in three separate experiments. The experiments were performed on brown leached soil, acid in reaction (pH-4,6). Plants were planted in double row system (100 and 40 cm between rows and 40 cm spacing in a row). Band fertilizing with nitrogen increased the leaf yield on average by 5%, the most effective increase being in favourable growing season (+ 13%). There was no interaction between the fertilizing method and the quantity of nitrogen applied. The method for applying phosphorus did not affect the yield, but markedly influenced the quality of leaves, the most effective being at the highest dose. A great influence of quantity of potassium on the yield and chemical composition of the leaves was observed. The method of fertilizing did not affect the yield but was substantial in range of leaf quality measured by their external appearance (in favour of band fertilizing).