Bull. Spec. CORESTA Symposium, Kallithea, 1990, p. 151, PA02, ISSN.0525-6240

Effect of culturing burley tobacco in double row system

Lublin, Poland.
The experiment on growing burley tobacco in single and double rows had been performed on loessial soil in 1987-1989. Five plant spacings were compared, two of them being double row system (90-45--90 x 45 cm and 100-50-100 x 50 cm). Total yield of leaves from plots, where double rows were applied was much the same in comparison to traditional plant spacing (60 x 50 cm) but significantly higher (200-300 kg/ha) than in plots with single rows and wide interrow spacing : 90 x 45 cm and 100 x 50 cm. The advantage from double rows in comparison to traditional plant spacing relied on facilitating cultivation, disease control and hand harvesting. Low plant population (20-24 thousand per hectare) in single, wide spaced rows ensured however higher quality of leaves in all examined features (area of leaves, weight of 1 dm2 of leaf, percentage of midrid and nicotine content). Leaves from more spacious double row system was similar in quality to those from single wide spaced rows , with exception of lower nicotine content. This feature however, does not affect the price of leaves, and it is why the double row system is advantageous for farmers.