Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Guangzhou 1988, p. 147, P-21

The effect of some fungicides in field application on total sugars, nicotine and total nitrogen on Oriental and Burley tobacco

Tobacco Institute, Drama, Greece
In 1985 and 1986 a research project was undertaken to determine the effect of various fungicides on total sugars, nicotine and total nitrogen of tobacco in the field. The varieties used were two Oriental (Basma and Kaba-Koulak) and Burley 21. Fifteen chemicals were tested : 1) Ridomil MZ 63.5 W.P. (métalaxyl 7.5% + mancozeb 56%); 2) Galben-M 8-65 (benalaxyl 8% + mancozeb 65%); 3) Sandofan M8 (oxadixyl 8%); 4) Alper W.P. (cymoxanil 4% + mancozeb 64%); 5) Previcur N (propamocarb hydrochloride 72.2%); 6) Topas 100 E.C. (penconazole); 7) Karathane 25 W.P. (Dinocap); 8) Rimidin 4 E.C. (fenarimol 4%); 9) Saprol 16% E.C. (triforine 16%); 10) systhane 12.5 E.C. (myclobutanil 12.5%) 11) Systhane 12.5% + Karathane 25%; 12) Pallitop 48 W.P. (nitrothal isopropyl 48%); 13) pallinal 72.5 W.P. (nitrothal isopropyl 12.5% + Metiram 60%); 14) Bayleton (triadimefon 5%); 15) Afugan E.C. 29.4% (pyrazophos 29.4%). All chemicals used, except Karathan 25 W.P. (1986), increased total sugars compared to the control in Oriental varieties, whereas no effect was recorded in Burley's total sugar formation. Nicotine in Basma slightly increased after the use of fungicides in transplant water with one exception : previcur N 12 1/1,000 m2 showed a decrease. The same variety showed a slight decrease in total nitrogen. Nicotine in Kaba-Koulak slightly increased (1985) or even decreased (1986) with all chemicals used except Karathane 25 W.P., where a very small increase of nicotine content was recorded in both years. Total N in Kaba-Koulak was constantly lower in all chemicals used except in the case of Karathane where it was increased. In the case of Burley 21 all fungicides used resulted in slight increase of nicotine and total N.