Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Lisbon, 2000, p. 109, APOST8

Effects of fertilization and irrigation on yield and quality of tobacco type Burley

Tobacco Institute, Prilep, Macedonia.
The trial was set up on a diluvial soil type, at the Experimental field of Tobacco Institute in Prilep, using the tobacco type Burley, variety Chulinec. Two factors were investigated: irrigation with two amounts of water (50 and 70% of the field water capacity -FWC) and fertilization with three rates of nitrogen (90, 150 and 240 kg/ha).It might be stated from the results that fertilization applied alone increases tobacco yield by increasing the nitrogen rates from 32.44 to 46.10%. In variants that are only irrigated, the yield increases 8.42 - 10.07%, whereas by application of fertilization and irrigation together, the yield increased by increasing the nitrogen rates and water amounts from 71.85 (N1PK+50% of FWC) to 122.37% (N3PK + 70% of FWC).Tobacco quality is, also, significantly increased by application of these cultural practices together. A considerably good quality was noticed in the variants fertilized with 150 and 240 kg N/ha and irrigated with 70% of FWC. Mineral nutrition and fertilization also increase the gross income per hectare. The highest gross income was obtained in the variant N3PK + 70% of FWC and it is 226.04% higher compared to the control. According to the economic effect obtained from fertilization + irrigation, the best results were obtained in the variant fertilized with 150 kg N/ha and irrigated with 50 and 70% of FWC.