ARET, Annual Report 2001, p. 138-41.

The effects of nematicidal plants combined with chemicals on the control of root-knot nematode juveniles in tobacco nurseries

ARET, Agricultural Research and Extension Trust, Lilongwe, Malawi
The objective of this experiment was to test the nematicidal effects of Sunhemp and Khaki bush when they are combined with Basamid or Metham sodium on root-knot nematode juveniles in tobacco nursery. Three blocks of ten nursery beds each for the ten treatments, measuring 3 metres by 5 metres were demarcated at the Kandiya Research Station sick plot to test the effects of sunhemp and khaki bush plants after they were incorporated in the soil together with Basamid, Methyl bromide and Metham sodium. Ten treatments were laid out in a randomised block design with three replications. Out of 30 plots, in 9 of them were planted to sunhemp and in the other 9 plots were planted to (A VOIR°)khaki bush. The remaining 12 plots had the chemical treatments only. Methyl Bromide and Basamid reduced weed population when they were combined with khaki bush and sunhemp. These treatments did not affect germination although the seedling density was affected by weeding. Plant height, stem diameter and root volume were not affected by any treatments. Nematodes were however reduced by Methyl Bromide and Basamid more than by other treatments combinations. The benefit of combining the chemicals with bio-nematicidal plants was not evident in this experiment.