49th TWC, Tob. Work. Conf., 2020, abstr. 66

Effects of soymilk root irrigation on the growth of flue-cured tobacco and bacterial community in soil

DAI H.X.(1); YANG J.J.(2); XI J.Q.(3); LIANG T.B.(1); WANG J.W.(1); CHEN Y.C.(2); SU X.H.(2); ZHANG X.(3)
(1) Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of CNTC, Zhengzhou China; (2) Company of Sanmenxia City, Henan Provincial Tobacco Company, Sanmenxia China; (3) Institute of Plant Nutrition, Resource and Environment, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhengzhou China

Soymilk root irrigation (SRI, traditional soymilk and fermented soymeal), a topdressing technology with local characteristics for soil conservation, has become a routine agricultural technical measure in tobacco planting area of western Henan province for more than 20 years. To unravel the effects of SRI on the growth of flue-cured tobacco, pot and field experiments were performed to analyze soil nutrient status, agronomic traits, root growth, soil bacteria counts and bacterial community structure. The results showed that the contents of soil nutrients such as alkali-hydrolyzed N, available P and available K remained relatively high in the middle and late stages of SRI. The growth of tobacco root and leaves were promoted after SRI. The abundance of dominant bacteria in soil varied significantly among different treatments at the early stage of SRI, however, similar dominant bacteria abundance was observed in the middle and late stage of SRI. The bacteria number increased significantly and the relative abundance of twenty-two soil functional bacteria categorized mainly in nutrient cycling, secretion plant growth regulators, and inhibiting pathogens exhibited great increment at the early stage of SRI. Therefore, SRI may improve the yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco by increasing soil nutrients contents, increasing the relative abundance of beneficial functional bacteria, improving soil micro-ecological environment, and promoting the growth of root and leaf of flue-cured tobacco. (Reprinted with permission)