CORESTA Meeting, Agronomy/Phytopathology, 2011, Santiago, PPOST 08

Efficacy of two new insecticides: DuPont's Coragen 1.67 SC and Syngenta's Durivo SC for control of tobacco budworm in flue-cured tobacco

(1) Univ. Georgia Cooperative Extension, Hazlehurst, GA, USA; (2) Univ. Georgia Cooperative Extension, Tifton, GA, USA; (3) Univ. Georgia Cooperative Extension, Mt. Vernon, GA, USA

Two new systematic insecticides, Coragen 1.67 SC and Durivo SC applied as tray drenches in the greenhouse, as transplant water treatments in the field, and foliar treatments were compared to several foliar insecticides for tobacco budworm control in flue-cured tobacco on two farms in Jeff Davis County, Georgia in 2010. Both Coragen 1.67 SC and Durivo SC were controlling tobacco budworms on both the Williams and Wooten farms forty-five days after the tray drench treatments and forty days after the transplant water treatments. Even though Coragen 1.67 SC and Durivo SC transplant water and tray drench treatments were slower acting compared to the foliar treatments, they provided tobacco budworm control equal to the foliar treatments on both farms. Using Coragen 1.67 SC or Durivo SC as a tray drench or transplant water treatments saved both tobacco growers from one to two insecticide sprays across the field.