CORESTA Meeting, Smoke Science/Product Technology, 2019, Hamburg, STPOST 02

Electro-thermal simulation analysis of heaters in tobacco heating devices

SUN Zhiwei(1); WANG Wei(1); DU Wen(1); WEN Jianhui(1); XIE Guoyong(1); WANG Zhiguo(1); DAI Hongliang(2)
(1) China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd., Changsha, P.R. China; (2) College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha, P.R. China

Heat-not-burn tobacco products have gradually become an important development direction and a key research topic of tobacco products due to their remarkable advantages in reducing the release of harmful components. As a heat source for cigarette heating, the heater is one of the most important parts of tobacco heating devices. In order to improve the design efficiency of tobacco heating devices, an electro-thermal simulation model for the prediction of temperature distribution on heaters of tobacco heating devices was established. The temperature distribution on two kinds of heaters at different voltages was determined by simulation software. The simulation results were verified by the temperature distribution measured with an infrared temperature meter. The results showed that: (1) the simulated temperature distribution on the heater well agreed with the experimental result, and there was a good correlation in the longitudinal and transverse temperature distribution trends between them; (2) the higher temperature region on the heater was near its pointed end, and the temperature difference between the front and back surfaces of the heater was small; (3) as a result of the positive feedback mechanism of temperature to the resistivity of conductive loops, the maximum temperature difference on the whole heater was higher than 250 °C. Electro-thermal simulation is a reliable method for predicting the temperature distribution on heaters of tobacco heating devices, and thus provides a reference for the design optimization of the heaters.