47th TWC, Tob. Work. Conf., 2016, abstr. 40

Evaluation of fluensulfone for nematode management in flue-cured tobacco

University of Georgia, Tifton GA USA

Fluensulfone (Nimitz) is a nematicide being developed by Adama for nematode management in vegetables and row crops. Fluensulfone belongs to a new class of chemistry with favorable toxicological and ecotoxicological profiles. Fluensulfone is a contact nematicide with a mode of action and classification different from other plant protection products. This presentation discusses the evaluation of different rates, and application methods of fluensulfone for management of Melodogyne arenaria on tobacco. In addition, several tobacco cultivars that are commercially produced in Georgia were evaluated in a nematode nursery with and without the use of fluensulfone. Trials not only evaluated rates of fluensulfone per acre but also the band width the nematicide was applied to the soil. This provided a comparison of fluensulfone not only at rates of material per acre but also concentration of the nematicide in the root zone. The application of fluensulfone in the transplant water was also evaluated at several rates. High rates resulted in phytotoxicity, but lower rates showed no stunting or phytoxicity, and may have provided nematode damage reduction. (Reprinted with permission)