Tobacco Science & Technology, 2010, 10, p. 8-11., ISSN.1002-0861

Extraction of cactus polysaccharide and its application in cigarette

Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of CNTC, Zhengzhou 450001, P.R. China

Polysaccharide was extracted from cactus by an optimized method and added to cigarette. The effects of cactus polysaccharide on the moisture retentivity of cut tobacco, wetting of tobacco leaf surface and the sensory pleasurableness of cigarette smoke were investigated. The results showed that the polysaccharide extracted with hot water offered better cigarette sensory quality and were more suitable to cigarette manufacturing. The results of moisture retentivity test indicated that cactus polysaccharide could reduce moisture desorption of cut tobacco in low humidity condition, and the moisture absorption of that in high humidity was close to propylene glycol addition. The contact angle between cactus polysaccharide solution and tobacco surface was smaller than that between distilled water and tobacco surface, which meant that cactus polysaccharide solution could wet tobacco surface more easily. The results of sensory evaluation showed that cactus polysaccharide could increase the aroma quantity, improve the smoothness and sweetness, and decrease offensive odor of cigarette smoke.