CORESTA Congress, Kunming, 2018, Smoke Science/Product Technology Groups, ST 41

Functional filter wrapping materials and their impacts on specific properties of factory-made cigarettes and heated tobacco products

(1) TANNPAPIER GmbH, Traun, Austria; (2) Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Filter wrapping materials are a synonym for mouthpiece covering sheets that include tipping and filter plug wrap paper. Both sheets play an essential role for the manufacturing of conventional filter cigarettes and heated tobacco products (HTP) as they connect the filter plug with the tobacco rod, control the level of smoke constituents through permeability and shape the geometrical dimensions of smoking articles. In the present study, additional functionalities of filter wrapping materials will be demonstrated together with their potential application for factory made cigarettes (FMC) and HTP and their respective influence on selected product features. The individual functionalities are based on tactile, haptic, sensory and physical effects, in which the latter are focused on smoke yields and temperature reducing material properties. In order to enhance the haptic interaction between the consumer and the FMC/HTP as well as the tactile comfort during the smoking process, mechanical embossing of tipping paper, a velvety surface coating and a hydrophobic lip-release varnish will be discussed. Since tipping paper represents a non-burnt component of FMC/HTP, it will be shown that flavours can be applied for the stimulation of the primary tastes inside the oral cavity without toxicological concerns from pyrolytic side products. Finally, the application of active substances on filter plug wrap paper will be introduced to reduce gaseous deliveries and the thermal energy of the HTP smoke. The efficiency of these active agents will be investigated under pilot plant test conditions and underlined by quantitative results.