CORESTA Congress, Kyoto, 2004, AGCH 05

A global crop protection agent management system (CPA-MS)

Philip Morris International Operations, Lausanne, Switzerland

Philip Morris International (PMI) is committed to using only tobacco of the highest quality in its tobacco products. To this end, PMI will continue to provide leadership in supporting the use of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and to encourage agricultural programs that achieve this goal wherever tobacco is grown worldwide. The appropriate use of Crop Protection Agents (CPAs[1]) is a key component of GAPs and sanitation procedures are a key component of good manufacturing practices (GMPs). Thus, PMl is further committed to supporting and encouraging efforts intended to ensure that only authorized CPAs are used during tobacco cultivation, harvesting, and storage (and during the manufacture and storage of finished tobacco products), and that CPAs are used only in accordance with their labels and at appropriate application rates.PMI has implemented a CPA Management System and programs to monitor agricultural practices and tobacco crops to assist in ensuring full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and to detect the use or the presence of inappropriate CPAs. PMI has established processes that enable it to take corrective actions when deemed necessary. In addition, PMI will continue to work with its suppliers and its own personnel to implement the highest standards possible concerning the use of GAPs and GMPs and the appropriate use of CPAs. PMI recognizes that it has a long-term commitment that will require continuous efforts to ensure that the highest standards are met concerning the cultivation of tobacco and to the continued excellence of the products it produces from tobacco. We describe key elements of the CPA-MS, how it is implemented globally, and how we maintain it in a continuous improvement cycle.

[1] "CPA" refers to pesticides that might be used on or around growing tobacco, stored tobacco and tobacco products and in or around tobacco product manufacturing facilities.