CORESTA Congress, New Orleans, 2002, STPOST 16

The Glue Roller Tester

Philip Morris Intl, R&D, c/o Philip Morris Products SA, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

One of the main parameters that is used to achieve low-yield cigarettes is dilution of mainstream smoke by means of tipping ventilation. Tipping ventilation can be hindered by various factors, thus reducing the effective dilution rate. One of the main reasons for reduced cigarette ventilation is the obstruction of the ventilation holes. This is due to adhesive being deposited on the ventilation-hole area of the tipping paper during the assembly of the cigarette on the filter assembler. The main reason for the deposit of adhesive is a worn glue roller. These glue rollers incorporate a glue-free zone that prevents glue deposition on the ventilation-hole zone. Another consequence of a worn glue roller may be an incomplete filter tip to rod attachment. The Glue Roller Tester is an optical instrument designed to precisely measure the cut out profile of glue rollers. The main purpose of this instrument is to perform incoming inspection and assess wear of glue rollers over time and determine the effective life time during which they can be safely used before replacement or regrinding. The principle of measurement as well as the specific technical characteristics of the device and its mode of operation will be presented. Furthermore some examples of profiles of new and worn glue rollers will be shown.