Bull. Spec. CORESTA Symposium, Taormina, 1986, p. 106, ST13, ISSN.0525-6240

An improved method for the determination of hot collapse in cigarette filters

Celanese Corp., Charlotte, NC, USA
Hot collapse is the term used to describe the deformation of a cigarette filter tip during smoking. This deformation is in response to a load, which may be the smoker's lips or fingers or both. The use of the adjective"hot"to describe this phenomenon is misleading; previous studies have shown the collapse to be a function of the tar and water content of the filter. Although the parameters affecting hot collapse are understood, the actual measurement of hot collapse has not been standardized. The existing methods for the determination of hot collapse of cigarettes are time-consuming and variable. A new test has been developed, utilizing a commercially available testing machine and incorporating a non-standard smoking profile. This allows accelerated smoking of the cigarette without altering the amount of tar and water deposited on the filter. Analysis time is cut by more than half. Data obtained by means of the new procedure agree well with those of earlier studies.