Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Lisbon, 2000, p. 102, APOST1

The influence of the number of capsules per plant on the weight of seeds in tobacco cultivar Baragan 132

National Society Rumanian Tobacco S.A. Bucharest, Rumania.
Experience has shown that seeds that are large and rich in endosperm provide young plants with a more abundant food and thus ensure a more vigorous growth in the first stages of life. An experiment was launched in order to investigate problems related with the weight of seeds in cultivar Baragan 132. This cultivar is specific to Rumania and is the second largest in tobacco production. Thus, through field and laboratory trials, we tried to find out the optimum number of capsules to be left on plants, taking into account that removing too many capsules per plant would be unprofitable in the end. Four treatments were experimented, in 4 replications, with: 25, 50, 75 and 100 capsules per plant. The check was that with all the capsules left on the plant (in average, for this cultivar, the number of capsules per plant is 150). Thoroughly analyzing the experimental data about the weight of the capsule with seeds, the weight of the seed obtained and the weight of the empty capsule, we reached the following conclusions:1. The best number of capsules which provides the highest absolute weight of the seeds while remaining profitable is 50 capsules per plant;2. The average weight of a capsule and the absolute weight of the seeds obtained increase when the number of capsules per plant decreases;3. The germination of the seed was not influenced by the number of capsules left on the plant;4. We shall aim at a number of capsules close to the best number taking into account the state of ripening of the capsules, eliminating the late ones or those insufficiently developed.