Bull. Spec. CORESTA Congress, Brighton, 1998, p. 156, ST04

Intrapuff smoke analysis by gas chromatography

Philip Morris USA, Research Center, Richmond, VA, USA
A sequential sampling, multiple channel GC technique was developed in this laboratory for intrapuff smoke analysis. In the system, the incoming smoke is divided into four streams that flow through four sampling channels. Four smoke samples are extracted at different times during the puff and immediately transferred to four columns for separation (i.e., two columns per chromatograph). Separations in the four columns are performed in parallel. The normalized GC peak areas are used to construct the intrapuff profiles for the compounds of interest. The uniqueness of this technique, as compared with other chromatographic approaches, is in the multiplex capability. Four data points are obtained from the same puff of fresh smoke. Because the analysis is done in parallel, any effect due to the difference in the age of smoke is eliminated. In addition, the puff flow rate profile is maintained during sampling. The development and optimization of this technique, as well as its application to the analysis of aldehydes and some other smoke components from a 1R4F cigarette, will be presented to demonstrate the capability.