Bull. Spec. CORESTA Symposium, Taormina, 1986, p. 74, P19, ISSN.0525-6240

Laboratory evaluation of avermectin B1 against Peridroma saucia (Hub.) (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae) and Acyrtosiphon pisum Harris, Aphis fabae Scop. (Homoptera : Aphidoidea)

Istituto di Entomologia Agraria, Università di Napoli, Portici, Italy
The Avermectins, a new class of compounds isolated from fermentation of the soil organism Streptomyces avermitilis, consist of eight major components with high anthelmintic and insecticidal activities. In this research the effects in laboratory tests of MK-936 (i.e. Avermectin B1a for 80% and Avermectin B1b for 20%) against Peridroma saucia (Hub.) are evaluated; contact and ingestion activities are investigated. Against two species of Aphids, Aphis fabae Scop. and Acyrtosiphon pisum Harris, a good contact activity has also been observed by topical applications to individual aphids.