CORESTA Congress, Quebec, 2014, Smoke Science/Product Technology Groups, ST 07

Manufacture and analysis of CORESTA Ignition Propensity Monitor Test Piece CM IP 2

Philip Morris International Management SA, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

CORESTA Monitor Test Pieces have been used for many years as monitors for mainstream smoke yields of nicotine, nicotine-free dry particulate matter (NFDPM) and carbon monoxide (CO) in a number of laboratories. The production and release of Monitor Test Pieces is the responsibility of the CORESTA Routine Analytical Chemistry (RAC) Sub-Group.

With the implementation in some countries of regulations to have cigarettes with reduced ignition propensity, the CORESTA RAC Sub-Group was asked to provide a Monitor Test Piece for the ignition propensity test. As a result, the CORESTA Monitor Test Piece CM IP 2 was recently approved by the CORESTA RAC Sub-Group and remains to be qualified by the CORESTA Scientific Commission.

In the present paper, the challenges and issues faced during the development of the ignition propensity Monitor Test Piece will be discussed, as well as details related to its manufacture and the checks performed to ensure a good homogeneity of all cigarettes produced. The results of the ignition propensity collaborative test organised to qualify the CM IP 2 Test Piece will be provided.