Tob. Reporter, 1989, 116-3, p. 54, abstr, ISSN.0361-5693

Method for minimizing loose ends in cigarettes

US Patent 4,785,831, assigned to Molins PLC. Loss of tobacco from the ends of cigarettes is reduced or prevented by applying foamed adhesive thereto. The foam may in general be blown onto the cigarette ends or may be"printed"onto the cigarette ends. The expansion ratio of the foam is preferably at least 10:1, so that very little liquid adhesive is needed to contact a significant area of tobacco. Thus the liquid content of the adhesive may be readily absorbed into the tobacco so as not to create a drying problem. In a preferred example foam is supplied by a pipe to fill apertures on a disc from which measured quantities of foam are blown by an air jet from a pipe. Suction is applied to the filter ends of the cigarettes via a manifold and flexible seals to help in drawing the foam into the cigarettes.