CORESTA Congress, Paris, 2006, APOST 06

New varieties of tobacco of the famous origin "Krumovgrad"

Regional Center of Scientific Applied Servicing, Haskovo, Bulgaria, Genetics Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Bulgaria is a country with traditions in the production of high-quality tobacco of Oriental type. The increased interest to the tobacco of origin "Krumovgrad" gives grounds for the purpose of this study - creating new varieties with complex improved characteristics. This purpose was achieved with the new varieties - "Krumovgrad 17" and "Krumovgrad 944". METHODS USED - inter-variety hybridization and continuous individual selection. RESULTS - two new varieties of Oriental tobacco were created - "Krumovgrad 17", "Krumovgrad 944" with the following advantages: 1. High quality first grade according to the Bulgarian State Standard 30-40%, with highly reduced share of third-low grade - 4-7%. 2. High productivity - 210-220 kg/decare average yield. 3.Resistance against premature flowering, overripening and burning the leaves at the conditions of soil and air dryness. 4. Strong, resistible to lodging stems in case of rain and wind, which is favourable for rhythmical of leaves harvesting and not worsening the production quality. 5. Small leaves 38-40 in number, with sizes lower belt 19-21 cm / 11-13 cm; middle belt 22-24 cm / 13-15 cm, upper belt 13-15 cm / 9-10 cm. 6. High quality of drying without damages of the leaves, with even colouring of the whole leaf blade, from golden-yellow to orange. 7. Full of matter and elastic tissue, aroma-typical for origin Krumovgrad8. Well-balanced chemical composition - nicotine - 1.4-1.6%; soluble carbohydrates - 12-15%; albumen nitrogen - 6-8%.The new varieties are accepted very well by growers and tobacco trade companies and are quickly introduced into wide production.