TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2008, 62, abstr. 64

Nitrogen compounds on mainstream smoke and tobacco precursors

Altadis - Imperial Tobacco Group, Research Center, Fleury les Aubrais, France

Among the Hoffmann list components, nitrogenous compounds constitute a wide family and some of them can be related to nitrogen compounds on tobacco. During the two last TSRC congresses, the spiking approach was presented to demonstrate relationships between HCN yields, Ames responses and tobacco precursors. Our objective presently is to improve the understanding of the formation mechanisms of additional nitrogenous compounds in smoke by analytical determinations on cigarettes made with enriched blends. Added compounds cover representative nitrogen components present in tobacco such as amino-acids and proteins. The precursors studied are added on a US type blend prior the cigarette making. Chemical and biological determinations on smoke, such as volatiles, semi-volatiles, aromatic amines, hetero-cyclic aromatic amines... and Ames test (Strain TA 98 + S9) have been achieved with classical methods or protocols. After description of the experimental protocol, some figures show the relationships between each added compound and smoke composition. These results validate this spiking approach. This additional step enables us to undergo mechanisms of formation for nitrogenous compounds in smoke. Finally, such tobacco and smoke relationships would allow to control smoke yields depending on residual amounts of precursors in each type of tobacco or blend.