Tob. Sci., 1970, 14-34, p. 121-123, ISSN.0082-4523

Pale yellow tobaccos and their hybrids with flue-cured tobacco

Crops Research Division, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Oxford, NC USA; North Carolina State University, North Carolina USA

Chlorophyll-deficient Tobacco Introductions (T. I. s) carrying the factor(s) for "Pale Yellow," were crossed with flue-cured tobacco varieties. Hybrids and parents were tested for agronomic and smoke flavor characteristics, and chemical constituents. T.I. parents were below the flue-cured parents and hybrids in yield, acre value, price per pound, and percentage sugar but higher in percentage total alkaloids. F1 hybrids were intermediate between the parents for most characteristics. The greatest evidence of heterosis occurred in total alkaloids and sugar. The intermediacy of the hybrids in most cases except chlorophyll content indicates that backcrossing to flue-cured germ plasm should result in tobaccos possessing the simply inherited pale yellow character, together with the other characteristics of the recurrent flue-cured parent.