Tob. Sci., 1972, 16-36, p. 115-116, ISSN.0082-4523

Part organic vs all mineral nitrogen fertilization of flue-cured tobacco

North Carolina State University, Agricultural Extension Service, Raleigh, North Carolina USA

The effects of yield, value, and price per hundredweight from the use of 3-9-9 with 20 percent organic nitrogen compared with all mineral form of nitrogen on flue-cured tobacco are shown. There were no differences in yield, value, or price per hundredweight from the two sources of nitrogen. Differences in yield, value and price per hundred weight among locations, years and locations in years were significant at the .01 level of probability. No treatment by environment interactions (treatments x locations, treatments x years or treatment x locations x years) were observed in the results. Since organic sources of nitrogen are more expensive than mineral sources, these data suggest that there is no justification for the use of organic nitrogen in a flue-cured tobacco fertilization program.