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TSRC, Tob. Sci. Res. Conf., 2023, 76, abstr. 27 (also presented at CORESTA SSPT2023)

Promotional materials for a novel heated tobacco capsule system increase behavioral intentions to try and use in adult smokers but not in nonusers, and do not impede quit intentions

Altria Client Services, Richmond, VA, USA

Heated tobacco products may offer a reduced risk alternative to adults 21+ who smoke cigarettes (AS) and are unable or unwilling to quit. We conducted an online quantitative experimental study evaluating the effect of promotional materials on behavioral intentions for a novel heated tobacco capsule system (HTC) among adults who use and do not use tobacco. The study included 4,511 U.S. adults, who were either current AS, adults who used other tobacco products (OTP), or adult nonusers (NU) who did not currently use any tobacco. The study oversampled for ages 21-24 and included a cohort of underage adults aged 18-20. Participants were randomly assigned to view either the prototype HTC concept with a portfolio of potential promotional materials (Test) or prototype concept only (Control) and completed surveys measuring behavioral intentions. Participants could re-visit the materials throughout the study. AS 21+ who viewed the promotional materials reported significantly higher intentions to try, use and switch to the HTC product than those who did not view the promotional materials. No significant impact on intentions to try and use the HTC product was observed among adults 21-24 and among underage adults who used tobacco. Both NU 21+ and underage adult NU reported low intentions to try and use the HTC product, and exposure to promotional materials did not impact intentions. The promotional materials did not impact quit intentions among AS or OTP for any age group. These results suggest that, in context of the proposed promotional materials, the novel HTC product may facilitate transition of AS 21+ to a smoke-free future, while having minimal impact on NU and underage individuals.